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Solid Oak Beams & Shelves

We are appointed retailers for Focus Fireplaces, who are manufacturers of Solid Oak & Non-Combustable Cast Beams, Shelves and Surrounds.
Each timber item is individually made to order.

The largest choice of Beams in the UK

Whether your room décor demands a beam in a smooth contemporary light oak or one that has the mellow character of an old beam.

Focus Fireplaces beams are are produced using Kiln-dried timber which is subject to far less movement.
Hollow Beams are fabricated to give the appearance of a Solid Beam. Their lighter construction is ideal where weight is an issue.

The choice is immense.
Solid Oak beams are available in several different profiles and can be supplied at almost any length.
A selection of traditional shelves available in a wide choice of timber and finishes. All of these can be made to your specific sizes.

You can select the level of ageing of your beam and choose from a wide selection of finishes.

• Beautifully crafted from Kiln-died timber
• Prime, Rustic, Dressed, Aged, Extremely Aged Oak, Pine
• Most beams can be made-to-measure
• Great beam
• Deep beam
• Prestige beam
• Large fascia beam
• Standard fascia beam
• Mini Fascia Beam
• Hollow Beam
• Fascia Panel
• Easy-fix system available
• Also available – Non combustable beams (not wood)
• Also available – steel beam covers

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Non Combustible Beams and Surrounds


Non Combustible Beams and Surrounds – NOT WOOD
Non-combustible beams and surrounds are cast from a fire-proof material. They are ideal for use when regulations state that the distance from a stove would be too close to use a timber beam.

Focuscast beams and surrounds are produced using a high-density mineral composite. They are so realistic it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from real timber. Their fire-proof qualities allow them to be positioned closer to a stove than a timber beam.  The surrounds are supplied in 3 pieces allowing the legs to be positioned to match the fireplace opening.

There are three distinct ranges:

The Character Range is ideal for an authentic look
The Smooth Range has a more modern appearance
The Tudor Range beams look very old

• Unbelievably realistic
• NOT WOOD – made from fire-proof mineral composite
• Moulded from actual wooden beams
• Hand-finished in a choice of colours
• Four profiles and wide range of sizes
• Great Beam, Deep Beam, Facia Beam, Large Fascia Beam
• Also available – steel beam covers